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said this about many voters who supported president obama. >> it's a changing country. demographics are changing. it's not a traditional america anymore. there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. he knows it. and he ran on it. >> just today my theory is backed up by statistical bureau according to the feds latest data available, more than 400,000 americans are put on food stamp rolls in one month. bringing total to 47 million people getting food assistance, an all time record. joining us here in the studio, michelle fields both are single ladies. that group supported the president. why is that? before getting to this discussion? why do single ladies go for him? >> i think mitt romney was a weak candidate. >> bill: why do you say that? >> he couldn't connect with voters. i voted for mitt rom nee. i think a lot of women are also generally on welfare programs as well and president obama has had this huge a lot of welfare spending and it's a lot of -- hard to get off the candy. it's obama giving you candy y
is a center-right country, right? finance it's a center-right country how did barack obama win two elections? i'm not sure it's a center-right country. that's number one. number two, we keep hearing that republicans have a problem with black voters and latinos and women and young people. look, far and away the biggest problem for republicans is with republicans far and away. two days after the election listening to rush limbaugh on the radio calls himself as traditional family values conservative. i know what that means right from the jump. and he says i will never -- these are his words. i will never vote for a moderate republic and he didn't vote for romney. he sat home and then for good measure, he says, that if any republic says i'm going to reach across the aisle, i will not vote for him. purists like that will sink the republic party. what percentage would you put on that kind of a presentation? how many republicans are in that category? voted for mccain. i don't know how these agree with guy. i bet you it's a million or so. if they nominate somebody that he likes. and this gets back t
night i said this about many voters who supported president obama. >> it's a changing country. the demographics are changing. it's not a traditional america anymore. and there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. and who is going to give them things? president obama. he knows it and he ran on it. >> bill: well, just today my theory backed up by the government statistical bureau according to the feds from july to august of this year, latest at that data available. more than 400,000 americans put on food stamp roles in one month. brings the total to astounding 47 million people getting assistance all-time record. joining us from los angeles defense attorney who analyzes politics and here in the studio michelle fields political commentator. both are single ladies. that group overwhelmingly supported president obama. why is that by the way before we get to this discussions. why did the single ladies go for him? >> look, i think mitt romney was a weak candidate to begin with. >> bill: why do you say that? >> he wouldn't connect with voters with a way a lot
your guns away from you. barack obama is turning this country into a combination of naziism and socialism. obama care is going -- >> gentlemen, i think i have the problem, michael. michael, i want you to listen to this. suppose -- well, you are african-american. >> yeah. yeah. >> here we go. would you like the first president who comes from that background to be called a racist by glenn beck? a racist? because of what? no reason. if you're a woman in the executive world, would you like to be called a femi-nazi from rush limbaugh? it isn't like somebody dreamed up this horrible rejectionism on the part of these people on the right. it's fair enough to say they're not office seekers because you couldn't seek office and talk like this, but your party gets blamed for this racket. >> let's not let mitt romney off the hook. he embraced donald trump. he goes on rush limbaugh, embraces fox news, and so he gives the legitimate republican establishment seal of approval to a lot of nonsense, and then he ends up getting bit in the backside because of it. >> i think a lot of us would say
important the storm was is that there were only two states in the country where obama actually increased his vote share from 2008. otherwise he went down, of course. and one was alaska because palin wasn't on the ticket and the other was new jersey where i performed two points better than he did in 2008. so obviously the impact of the storm was enormous. and in the exit polls, 15% of the voters said it was the number one factor, and 40-something percent said it was an important factor. the other one is more serious, which is the demographic changes in the country. i think i always said on your show, and maybe you also have that tape where i said that if the demographic turnout is the same as these pollsters are saying, of course obama is going to win. but then i said in the next sentence but it won't be because of the high unemployment, and disillusion meant with obama. but i was wrong. it was exactly the same and with young people even higher than it was in 2008. and this reflects a permanent demographic change in the united states. it is no longer a country run by white married men and mar
woes on ahmadinejad as against, say, it is from obama and we're protecting our country from the threat. melissa: do you think this works and is compelling to people who have been banned from buying luxury goods from abroad like toilet paper? >> well, you know, i think economically it is not going to have that much of an impact on sort of the distribution of goods as we see. there are bypasses being done through india, through japan, through china and also russia. but i do think ultimately the economy is faltering internally because of the government is able to buy as you reported and broke the story through reuters a couple weeks ago here they were getting one to $3 billion of gold into iran helping them bolster their cash. but on the other hand, goods they're buying are still not keeping up. they have 30% reduction in oil imports or exports rather. they're really suffering on things bringing in and out of the country. melissa: how are they doing that? >> they're doing it through, number one, bringing in bullion from turkey and dubai. that brings in cash they need without having to dea
of the year could cause another recession in our country president obama plans to meet with congressional parties later this week to try to cut a deal. wendell goler is he at the white house for us. we are hearing the president plans to do something differently this time after talks fell apart last year instead of late nights in the can net room. he will will meet with civic leads on friday to try to get him on his side. he and house speaker john boehner were close to a deal last year and people chose his way last week tuesday weigh found out that the majority of people agree with my approach. democrats, independence and some republicans. now we need a majority in congress to listen. >> mitch mcconnell didn't give mr. obama a mandate. they just gave him more time' and speaker boehner still objects to higher tax rates, shepard. >> shepard: republicans here and there are changing their tunes on a lot of things. bill kristol the conservative commentator is one of them, he says raise taxes on the millionaires it won't kill us that shook the g.o.p. establishment. he supports the president's ow
on strengthening defense ties and fighting cyber threats from other countries, including china. president obama travels to asia later this week for historic visits to myanmar and cambodia. >>> former vice presidential candidate paul ryan has confirmed reports that election night results took the romney camp completely by surprise. ryan told our milwaukee station that the campaign was well-run. but in the end, it was not enough. he says reality finally sank in when they lost ohio. >> the polling we had, the numbers we were looking at, looked like we stood a pretty good chance of winning. so, when the numbers came in, you know, going the other direction, and we saw the kind of turnout that was occurring in urban areas, which were really fairly unprecedented, it did come as a bit of a shock. >> when asked about a potential future run for the white house, ryan said it was the last thing on his mind right now. he's looking forward to sleeping, probably. >>> time, now, for this morning's weather from across the nation. it's going to be a wet day from northern california to seattle. up to half a foot
obama has tried to do and in his famous speech in cairo is that he wants to deal with these countries and talk to the electorate. now we have an entirely different landscape, but in egypt, libya, and tunisia. relationship with these countries, these are countries with democratic governments. some of them have chosen paths that are a little more moderate, some leaning a little bit more to the fundamentalist side, but they're still fundamentally democratic and that will be a big challenge for the obama administration. host: its next for egypt? -- what is next for egypt? ?uest: in terms of ta host: the obama administration. guest: they still need to establish some of the legitimate government there. after the incredibly uplifting movements in it to rear square, it has devolved into a long protracted -- tahrir square, it has devloved. there is still no clear internal structure. it is enforcing the new governing structure and egypt has not really begun to speak out. this is a populous and important nation. there really have not since, since mubarak left office. the administration is workin
as a team. do you bring the skill set collectively that best serve the president and the country? i think the president obama gets a lot of credit. >> kiki is 1,000% correct on this. the president has to think about this through a political lens, does he want jon kerry take the seat and give that seat back to scott brown? have dr. rice go through a bruising confirmation battle right now? but attend of the day, it's about politics. >> kiki, in addition to susan rices, other women mentioned. sheryl sand best as commerce secretary. what do you think is the likelihood of either of those? >> i can't speak to the likelihood because it would be pure speculation. these are accomplished leaders. they're women. and i think it goes back to the other issue that you mentioned, is the skill there? is the talent there? is the trust there to serve the people? you make good points to their decisions about what somebody does or doesn't want to put their family through. the personal politics are going to be out of this. i think we're seeing signals from both sides. they understand the need to actually work
, the obama administration is floating the idea that the president may barn storm the country in support of this idea that he has been declaring since 2010. but it's not clear he needs to. republicans are caving in small ways. at least starting to cave. at least thinking about caving. at least the possibility of caving. and if the republicans don't cave, the republicans and democrats have the option of letting all the tax cuts expire. that's what's set to happen automatically. they can always fix it before the end of the tax year. so what else is in the realm of possibility right now for the democrats? i mean, don't forget the president's meeting with labor leaders tomorrow. that happens before he makes his case to the ceo. here's what's on richard trumka's mind. he has been reminding the press that in ohio, afl-cio members are 83% white, 53% of them own guns and they voted 70% for barack obama. labor knows exactly how important it was to the president's reelection effort particularly in the swing states. what about labor law reforms? what about making the marketplace more attractive to
. now, next up, will president obama's second term take the country over a regulatory cliff? national review online says today regulatory reform is more urgent now than ever. we are joined by robert locksly, president of the california business roundtable. hello to both you. ian a you heard mr. hofmeister knows a thing or two about this. we can knock the saudis off and change world politics and changes our balance of trade. will the epa block it, diana? >> well, i don't know but maybe we should listen to what president obama was saying last year. he was brag being the oil and gas development we have in the united states. we got to remind him about that when the new epa regulations come out. so we -- we want to make sure he doesn't bring out those old ozone regulations that he shell of ad couple of years ago because he said they would damage the economy. our economy is growing slower now than it was then. we are really regulating to disaster. >> epa in 2010, diana? $23 billion of regulatory costs for the year 2010. >> that's what epa says. it is really probably a lot more than that. i
am a republican, but also an american. america voted for obama. we need to pull together as a country. all of the people in the congress and the senate need to pull together and think about what all of the american people need and what is good for this country. if that means that right now republicans have to been in a little bit, they have to do it and fix this budget so that we can move forward as a country. host: taxing the wealthiest americans, is that enough? caller: now, it is not, but we have to make a move forward, working together, and if we do not stop fighting and work together, we will not do anything. host: so, does that mean the democrats, also, leading -- leaning forward a little bit? caller: i am a republican, but my mother is 84, i do not want that to be touched right now. i wanted to stay the same for the future. this country is changing, the world is changing. things can change, but right now things are staying the same and we have to figure out a way to fix all of this, america. there are good people in places that should be able to bring our country back to the wa
arrived at her latest overseas destination, this time australia, where the u.s. and that country are holding a summit about strengthening defense ties and fighting cyberthreats from countries including china. president obama travels to asia later this week with historic visits in myanmar and cambodia and thailand. >>> in the middle east, growing concerns that israel is being drawn into the syrian civil war. the israeli military says tank scored a direct hit on a launcher after a stray mortar fell into the golan heights. it has already been in turkey and jordan. >>> john macafee. the multimillionaire, macafee, his name, and lives in belize where his next door neighbor has been found shot to death. police describe 67-year-old macafee as a person of interest in the case. >>> three children are among five family members found dead inside a toledo, ohio garage. police believe it is a case of murder/suicide. all five apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning from truck exhaust piped in through hoses. police say there was a custody battle over the children, ages 10, 6, 5. they had be
that of course there was this historic frontier of electing the first non-white president as the country did four years ago. and even though 53% of the public voted for obama, he had 70% approval by the time of his inauguration. there was something that people felt good about america for having crossed this frontier. but the reelection was a sense, sort of the normalization of success for an african american president. and not just saying, "okay, yeah, we tried, but you saw how that went. you know, he wasn't really up to the job." that was, again, this great republican ad. you know, you tried, he tried, it's not working. let's, you know, let's go back to the way things are done. there was a fascinating comment by somebody on election eve who said with a straight face that, "this election, 'cause they're changing demographics, will be the last time there are four white males on the national ticket." and, you know, wait a minute, that's a sign of sort of the normalization of barack obama, like colin powell, as an american, as opposed to an african-american. >> well, he is as much white as he is bla
as head of the cia, and there are a ton of questions. and even though president obama's reelection was settled at about 11:15 p.m. eastern last tuesday, the election overall is still underway in some parts of the country, including one place where it appears to have mostly just broken down with a bunch of federal level races still undecided. and the state in question is not florida for once. important updates coming up there including what may be a deconcession by a democrat who previously thought he had lost in a big important u.s. senate race. that's all ahead. >>> but we have to begin with breaking news out of washington. "the washington post" is reporting tonight that president obama is considering massachusetts senator john kerry as his new secretary of defense. that's right, defense. putting the decorated veteran and former presidential candidate in charge at the pentagon and not at the state department, as had been widely speculated. "the washington post" is sourcing its reporting to unnamed senior administration officials. senator kerry is also not commenting tonight. if se
let us wait. let big bill wait. see how the second obama term starts off. learn how the country's doing. watch, listen, enjoy life in this country. you have four years traveling the world. kick back and enjoy this country. i wish her well. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. >>> thanks, chris. and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead -- seven days later, and paul ryan still can't handle the truth. one week after president obama crushed the gop, congressman paul ryan returned to his day job on capitol hill today, carrying his own bags, like much of the republican party, he still seems dazed about the national rejection he took. and in an interview he told a local tv station what it felt like to lose. >> what it had become clear to us as things went on, in avirginia and ohio weren't coming together, that it looked to me some time early in the evening that it just wasn't going to happen. >> and what did that feel like for you? what -- >> it was very disappointing. we had good days, bad days. it was a great
campaigns in each of the 50 states. >> i think we saw the campaign spread across the country that did separate well. >> jennifer: and that infrastructure is there. >> that infrastructure is not there for president obama to win any election for the rest of his life. is this a great opportunity for to say this is something that is important for the country. let's turn our attention to that. >> jennifer: one area that the large republican donors did have success was in state legislature legislature. the koch brothers had been able to turn over the kansas legislature to be in their image, now they've done the same thing with arkansas. with you concerned that there will be just new targets for the large dollar right-wing donors. >> i'll make two points on that. it's very clear from post citizens united the higher the office the less return. the lower the office, the fewer media eyes are on that, and the more you can get away with. on the other side, the truth is on those lower ballot races big money has been able to pour in independent expenditures, state parties and other means for a lon
. >> there's the need to deeply analyze the social implications for our countries due to the ongoing processes at local and state levels in some countries in our continent which allow the production, consumption and legal distribution of marijuana. >> this is undoubtedly a headache for mr. obama. his administration has yet to make clear how it intends to impose federal law prohibitting the use of the drug on colorado and washington state. they stopped short of saying it might relax its attitude towards marijuana smuggling. marijuana is the main cash crop for the violent drug cartels and advocates in colorado and washington say it will reduce the gangs profits. but that is not a position currently shared by the obama administration. the leaders in central america least, u.s. drug consumption policy remains a very square peg in a round hole. will grant, "bbc news," mexico city. >> our main story this hour, the top american commander in afghanistan general john allen is to be investigated over emails to a woman at the heart of the petraeus scandal. time now for some business news. less
and that's why obama got into such trouble by saying he didn't do it all by yourself because there is a strong, strong sense of this country that we do everything by ourselves. so for me it's about excavating some of that said people can recognize so people don't get defensive back and really recognize themselves for their aspirational potential and that potential is great, but for the on the ground reality that blocks them from the team that. >> yeah, that's one thing about the 99%. at a conversation on my way over about the 99% of thought was so powerful was the recognition that for once people were looking at the true recognition that actually i really doubt -- wait, i'm a fan and the growing desire to actually be with the 99% was fascinating to me. i did think that is going to happen, but it grew as people got this knowledge that there is the small number of people and corporations who have a lot of control. and guess what, i'm not going to be in the club conditionally. maybe, but i doubt it. >> welcome and that's the difference or attack about the percentage talking poin
and spending cuts which mr. obama himself turned down. crystal's comments came on "fox news sunday." >> you know what? it won't kill the country if we raise taxes a little bit on millionaires. it really won't. i don't understand why republicans don't take obama's offers to freeze taxes on everybody below 250,000. >> since polls indicate most people favor phasing out he upper income tax cuts. kristol ask why should republicans fall on swords for a bunch of millionaires who half of them live in hollywood and vote democratic anyway. two states have responded to make it legal to smoke marijuana and get high. world leaders have questions. for starters is it time to change drug policies. voters in colorado and washington state decided to legalize recreational recreational marijuana or marijuana for recreational use. presidents from hun dues costa rica are asking how that will effect them. the drug has left tens of thousands of people dead. mexico one of the primary suppliers of weed to the united states it's president calling for studies on drug laws. the implication enforce bans on marijuana pro
business network, giving you the procedure to prosper. >> president obama has some guests coming to town. he invited them. the ceos of major corporations heading to the white house as the country races toward the fiscal cliff. but will that meeting be a tad business awkward? you will remember during the campaign president obama making some business leaders mad with with comments like you didn't build that. joining us our political panel, the washington post, ed keith and lin sweet and chief political correspondent, byron. byron, your thoughts on meeting. >> that's happening on wednesday. on tuesday the day before he's meeting with labor leaders, he's meeting with afscme, afl-cio and other bigger supporters. and that's before he gets to the business leaders. as far as the business leaders are concerned, it's all really big business, general electric,del, wal-mart, not the small businesses. the republicans say the small businesses will be hurt if taxes on the highest bracket goes up. >> this is a two-day lobbying effort by the white house and by obama to put pressure on -- put pressure on
about everything. but for some reason, the very serious people in this country take them seriously. obama does not take them over his lap and spank them as they deserve. he treats them with undue respect. but that is all change. that is all changed now, because you see, the tax increase is going to take place anyway. the republicans can only stop, take some positive action to extend these tax cuts that they're so obsessed with. and by the way, republicans don't think there is from within the level spending cuts, only the tiniest little bit of tax increases what devastates the economy, contrary to everything the congressional budget office has said, which exactly the reverse. and so, that taxes will rise automatically if they don't, if they don't do anything. and they thought they were so clever two years ago, they just sat on their hands and they do anything. and, finally, at the last minute, quite predictably, barack obama caved and said, okay, okay, we will extend everything for two years and we will take up everything that i demanded that you do as a requirement. he just totally
and you can counter it. this president, president obama wants to punish the rich. he doesn't like that, no? >> absolutely not. he wants fairness because a lot of people in this country knew the deck was stacked against them and then they saw people like mitt romney who maybe, maybe paid 15%, probably paid less than that. they want everyone to pay their fair share. and this is about fairness. stuart: 1% of the population pays 40% of all the taxes raised, half the population pays nothing and that is fair? i don't think so. mary anne, always a pleasure. >> i think. stuart: always a pleasure. >> all right, stuart, thank you. stuart: come and see us, thank you. the names are already being thrown around. president obama's cabinet is likely to get some new faces over the next few months. leon panetta, hillary clinton likely to leave. new at 10, you'll never guess the two people that could take their places. that will be at the top of the hour. new at 10. and investigations into general david petraeus's alleged affair continue to get bigger and much more complicated. general john allen, who was in
defense ties and fighting cyber threats from countries, including china. president obama travels to asia later this week with historic visits in myanmar and cambodia as well as thailand. >>> in the middle east, growing concerns that israel is being drawn into the syrian civil war. the israeli military says its tank scored a direct hit on a mobile artillery launcher after a stray mortar fell into the golan heights. the syrian conflict, it has already spilled over into turkey, jordan, and neighboring lebanon. >>> there is a mystery this morning surrounding tech pioneer, john mcafee. police are hunting for him. the multimillionaire, macafee, lives in the central american country of belize where his next-door neighbor has been found shot to death. police describe 67-year-old macafee as a person of interest in the case. >>> three children are among five family members who have been found dead inside a toledo, ohio, garage. police believe it is a case of murder/suicide. all five apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning from truck exhaust piped in through hoses. police say there was a custo
years of president obama foreign policy policy look like? let's ask k.t. mcfarland. we have been focused like a laser thattax problems to hit the country but it is for a policy that is being ignored. >> when the economy is bad ople don't care about foreign policy is hard to get excited about the middle east with no job in the u.s. the big loser is israel. the president has already said he is stepping away. will the united states help them stop by iran? they will do with them as some point*. gerri: how do you do with a country like tat? >> it willdivide it to the point* to have nuclear weapons just once grew turn away then we would recognize to normalize relations. as a result eithe all those countries start to accommodate and let them be the dominant power to control the pershing goal for they get their own nuclear weapons. gerri: any winners or sers? >> but what is coming our way is the veterans. reset after vietnam we would never do that again but people come home everybody forgets about the bets kravis serious commitment to them that we're alread cutting the mental-health benefits. ge
in terms of crime and violence and corruption in many countries in latin america. here, again, i think the obama administration would probably say that there's some things to move forward on the issue, talking about shared responsibility, but i think despite changes in the discourse, the elements of the policy have been pretty unchanged until now, but this, again, this opens some possibilities. the reaction in mexico will be critical where this goes, and president-elect will be here at the end of the month, and i'm sure this got attention in the mexican press and commentators, and i'm sure this will be raised and discussed with president obama when they are here. this is the situation. i think the results have had interesting implications for the u.s. policy and latin america 6789 there is an opportunity that was perhaps greater than we thought when we wrote the report in april to make progress on these issues, there's more space, a little bit more pressure, but it's smart to keep expectations in check, under control, and we still, president obama, i think, has been cautious with forei
's a tragic turn of events for someone who has contributed so much to this country. >> reporter: general allen is in washington, d.c. for senate confirmation hearings for his new job as head of the u.s. european command. however, president obama has now agreed to put the general's confirmation for that post on hold. secretary panetta issued a statement that saying while this matter is under investigation, general allen will remain commander of the isaf. general allen denies he has done anything wrong. meanwhile, secretary panetta is asking to move up the confirmation of general joseph dunford, allen's likely successor in afghanistan. >>> meanwhile, with david petraeus out, the cia has a new leader. michael morell is a career cia officer who has held a variety of leadership positions and it's the second time he's held the role of acting director. david martin has more. >> reporter: after only 14 months, david petraeus, the supposedly indispensable man, is gone. without warning, a new man, michael morell, must step forward from his post as deputy first to leon panetta, then to petraeus, and take
's a tragic turn of events for someone who had contributed so much to this country. >> reporter: general allen is in washington, d.c. for senate confirmation hearings for his new job as head of the u.s. european command. however, president obama has now agreed to put the general's confirmation for that post on hold. secretary panetta issued a statement saying while this matter is under investigation and before the facts are determined, general allen will remain commander of the isaf. general allen denies he's done anything wrong. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> secretary panetta has already named general allen's replacement for afghanistan. the secretary would like the senate to confirm as quickly as possible. >>> closing arguments are set to begin today in the preliminary hearing for army staff sergeant robert bales accused of killing 16 afghanis during the night. several wounded children testified via a military link. after closing arguments, the military will decide whether to move forward with a court marshal. a conviction could lead to the death penalty. >>> new york governor a
on the environment. president obama renewed his commitment to "freeing ourselves from foreign oil" in his reelection victory speech last week. energy department data shows u.s. imports of crude had fallen 11% this year and the country is on track to produce the most oil since 1991. the syrian military continues to launch attacks on the border town, sending hundreds of civilians fleeing to neighboring turkey. the new bombings come days after more than 11,000 syrian civilians were forced out during strikes last week, one of the largest refugee flights of this year in conflict to date. speaking in geneva, the head of disaster in crisis management at the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies warned turkey needs major aid to handle the growing number of syrian refugees. >> we have seen a doubling of the camp population since july 2012, and i think as you have seen over the last few days, there has been an increase in the number of syrians moving into turkey. they now recognize the situation is becoming prolonged. the initial thoughts the population might be displaced for shorte
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